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September 7, 2015
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The SA Social Media Landscape in 2015

The annual Social Media Landscape Report, compiled by Fuseware and World Wide Worx, is being released in under two weeks and contains some highly impactful findings on social media usage in South Africa. This report is a must for brands, agencies and marketers across the board to fully understand what is happening in social media.

The social media landscape in SA has shifted subtly but dramatically this year, especially in light of the large Instagram growth. Visually rich imagery dominates newsfeeds, and the new streaming content players are certainly going to see increased uptake in the next 12 months. Social media is evolving towards its pinnacle – on-demand content creation, consumption and engagement in any format, at any time and any place. There has been decreased brand content engagement the board, indicating that newsfeeds have become too saturated and brands need to start paying up to get to the reach and engagement they desire.

Although business impact in terms of revenues is difficult to quantify, engagement and reach of branded content has substantially shifted in 2015. Twitter has become far too crowded to become consistently useful for brands, resulting in large drops in engagement on brand content. Facebook engagement has risen slightly, but this boost is also coupled with an increase in paid media spend on the platform. Instagram is the social network star of the year, with triple digit user growth in the last year as well as engagement on brand content that is an order of magnitude higher than that of the other networks. Social media has also become a large traffic source for publishers and consumer-centric brands alike, and social media optimization (SMO) has become as critical as search engine optimization (SEO).

The use of social media as a CRM tool for businesses has increased dramatically, especially with smaller businesses beginning to use Twitter and Linked In to communicate with their customers. Social media sentiment can be used to drive business strategy and product innovation, serving as a far more fundamental piece of the business puzzle than just a communications function. Social media analytics are also used to accurately gauge what makes consumers tick about a brand, with this data serving as an input instead of just an output to successful marketing campaigns.

Social media growth is still solid, but has slowed across the board with the exception of Instagram, with most networks having grown at a modest 15-25% over the last year. We’ve seen new entrants that focus on live streaming of video content, Periscope and Meerkat, but they have not seen significant uptake in the local market as yet. Content has become much richer across the board, with a large emphasis on videos and high resolution pictures being shared. This trend reflects even on Twitter, where a single picture can tell a story far more than 140 characters of text can, and brands are capitalizing on this by publishing a large amount of visual content on the network. Companies have also gotten serious about spending on media, with a significant increase in paid media spend on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube respectively – however Facebook still remains the network that delivers the highest ROI to companies, according to our corporate survey.

Instagram is the fastest growing social network in the country, with triple digit growth in the last 12 months. The growth is also leap-frogging the normal early adopter crowd and reaching mass market earlier than usual, with local television celebrities and presenters leading the charts in terms of followers. Photo filter usage on the network has dropped to record lows, and the most engaged with images tend to have no filter at all, indicating that people have grown tired of the special effects that sparked initial interest to use the platform.

Facebook has experienced solid consistent growth across all segments, with one very interesting difference. Feature phone usage is plummeting in the platform and is associated with an equivalent rise in smartphone usage. As predicted, the low cost of entry level smartphones are proliferating the market and have shifted device usage significantly in only 12 months. Although the Nokia Asha still leads the way as the top phone used to access Facebook, usage of this phone on Facebook has dropped by over 400,000 people in the last 12 months.

Twitter has increased in usage over the last year, but growth has significantly slowed. With the recent Periscope acquisition, there is an increased emphasis towards integrating the platform with real-time streaming video content. Twitter engagement on brand content has dropped significantly compared to last year. Brands are posting more content than ever before on the social network, but even paid-for campaigns are often not seen as relevant by Twitter users. For the first time ever, more than 50% of all surveyed brands post content once per day or more – but this is translating to a sea of noise that doesn’t necessarily result in business value.

Linked In usage has grown significantly in the last 12 months, with a large number of smaller businesses joining the platform in 2015. Entry level workers represent the largest increase in numbers in terms of seniority level, growing by 21% in the last year. Operations, healthcare and education personnel are joining the network the fastest across all industries.

MXit has experienced a further decline in users compared to the year before, but the platform is also restructuring its business model to focus on empowering Africans and accelerating economic and social growth in the region, by placing a stronger emphasis on social services and associated programmes. A fundamental shift away from just the typical instant messenger model employed by WeChat or Whatsapp, it will also allow businesses to help make a difference in education and healthcare through CSI initiatives in the platform.

In a surprise finding, corporate blogging has seen a strong resurgence as the importance and relevance of long form content surpasses 140 character updates. Corporate blogs are seen as more effective marketing channels than any social network, as surveyed by SA corporates.

The headline results will be presented and discussed by the top industry influencers at the Social Media Landscape Briefing, held in Johannesburg on 16 September 2015, and in Cape Town on the 17 September 2015. To book a ticket to these events, click on the links below:

Book for the Johannesburg event

Book for the Cape Town event

Enquire about the report

August 22, 2013

Heavy Chef with Michael Jordaan – Twitter Insights

Last night I had the privilege of hearing Michael Jordaan speak for the first time – and what a speaker he is. He spoke about business innovation using metaphor and stories which everybody could relate to, and everybody walked away inspired afterwards. Fuseware monitored Twitter mentions of the event, and found 798 mentions from 207 different people. Here are some of the stats, if you’re interested:

Most Influential People

Person Followers Description Relevant Mention
Trendsmap-logo-_dark___1__normal TrendsSthAfrica 56,102 Real-time South Africa Twitter trends #heavychef is now trending in South Africa
E02ffc09892f89f5801c2fe6def838d5_normal MichaelJordaan 32,679 Banker, economist and wine enthusiast That’s me “@RichMulholland: I took a quick snap at tonight’s #HeavyChef
Trendsmap-logo-_dark___1__normal TrendsJoBurg 25,704 Real-time Johannesburg Twitter trends #heavychef is now trending in #Johannesburg
Tweet-avatar_normal AntonRSA 10,425 Your local digital marketing guy into lead generation, online credibility, and customer communication. Likes blogging, golf, photography, and music. At the #heavychef event
E61de9bd1bf23bcb7b147cfe16575ee8_normal mikestopforth 8,924 The law of averages says I have about 14 000 days left on this planet. I’m bent on making the most of all of them. Proudly South African. CEO at @cerebra. kudos to the @mikesharman mini-bomb… PRT @mylifescape: A picture of me and Michael Jordaan CEO of FNB #heavychef
E5c8116885af9050570dff4c061b99bf_normal SiliconCape 8,902 Silicon Cape Initiative : supporting innovative Cape Town technology startups. RT @MichAtagana: No one smarter than everyone. @MichaelJordaan #HeavyChef
Walter_pike_02_-_version_2_normal walterpike 6,910 Marketing in the social era, Founder of PiKE & The Digital Academy, TEDx Organiser #slutwalkjhb organiser, Pro Speaker, Opionisista, Photog & Polo player. Rushing to #HeavyChef at a rate of knots hope traffic plays the game.
196be672e3ee3170422dc7ede2c470ff_normal DeloitteSA 6,560 Follow Deloitte South Africa here. RT @AvSchalkwykZA: Great crowd for the #heavychef session hosted at Deloitte’s offices in JHB.
47894f45f8c088338796ab12beaba11a_normal RichMulholland 5,981 An Inked-ellectual Gentleman I took a quick snap at tonight’s #HeavyChef / #nokiaRSA
Bc79bff5be2a92008e35a20afd5e5f00_normal pauljacobson 4,850 Web.Tech.Lawyer, photographer and thinker of deep thoughts. I run @JAttorneys and @WebTechLaw. Allergic to stupid. The legal stuff: RT @AvSchalkwykZA: Great crowd for the #heavychef session hosted at Deloitte’s offices in JHB.
26d9341a642df8cf2226f1d4113e4ba0_normal mylifescape 4,002 Head of Digital+Strat | Global Mouse. Founder of #DigitalCrunch. Budding Artist. Speaker. Motivating people towards greatness. Creating opportunities. Looking forward to #HeavyChef – Michael Jordaan on How Digital Innovation is Transforming the Banking Sector @heavychef
4f9f14d6d51f43c17e745f5d8d0d6b79_normal ianollis 3,484 South African Member of Parliament, innovative leader, Liberal Democrat and Shadow Transport Minister. Daily Maverick Opinionista @mikewronski @MichaelJordaan #heavychef Yes. We don’t like change. Especially when it’s got teething problems!
E552c403a2fccf0a8cb0a63af57f9f39_normal GerardZA 2,871 Cruising the digital frontier *audere est facere* \(⊙▂⊙)/ RT @SPiVs: Sounds like FNB delivers more tablets than Dischem. #HeavyChef #NokiaRSA #FNB
Bcb85066a84fef0b55c7bd2dcdd1280a_normal followme_Africa 2,816 I verified my own account twitter took too long!! #teamfollowback RT @Tweetpohtato: ideas are welcomed … but never create an expectation and then crush someone’s dream. #heavychef #nokiaRSA
Fred_normal Fred_Roed 2,799 CEO of World Wide Creative. Co-founder of the Heavy Chef project. A marketing, evangelising, brand building, feeling-lucky-punk kind of guy. All calm before tonight’s #heavychef session @DeloitteSA Woodmead.
Ea7b83e78926f54efb42afddf3693f7f_normal mikewronski 2,762 MD @Fuseware, product dev @Primedia. Technologist, data analyst, consultant, speaker, wannabe guitar player. Want to self-actualize society, 1 step at a time Largest audience ever at tonight’s #heavychef session. @MichaelJordaan speaking about innovation
Image_normal CathrynR 2,760 Product Manager at RT @Ceej_Robs: Innovation can only happen in an empowering culture #heavychef #nokiaRSA
Ca75b4e1bfa8f861e306c87e2037fa02_normal shawnjooste 2,638 My hair defies gravity, heavy right foot, have camera in hand, writes about cars … sometimes That explains it. RT @Fred_Roed: So, turns out that @elonmusk was at nursery school with @MichaelJordaan. #heavychef #nokiaRSA

Top Retweets

Tweet Retweets
RT @TheLukism: Innovation heros are the guys who navigate corporate beuracracy to take ideas to reality – @MichaelJordaan #HeavyChef #Noki… 9
RT @Fred_Roed: The crowd tonight @heavychef / #NokiaRSA 8
RT @JonHoehler: Have FUN, COFFEE & ALCOHOL, we don’t need to take ourselves seriously. True story from @michaeljordaan at #heavychef http:/… 6
RT @AvSchalkwykZA: Great crowd for the #heavychef session hosted at Deloitte’s offices in JHB. 5
RT @malizab: #HeavyChef We respect our competitors. What keeps us up at night are not our competitiors but technology. @MichaelJordaan 5
RT @Tweetpohtato: The Innovator’s dilemma: ideas are worthless, unless you can *implement* them #heavychef #nokiaRSA 5
RT @RichMulholland: I took a quick snap at tonight’s #HeavyChef / #nokiaRSA 5
RT @Tweetpohtato: ideas are welcomed … but never create an expectation and then crush someone’s dream. #heavychef #nokiaRSA 5
RT @TheTijn: Ernest Shackleton, set an impossible challenge. People flocked to follow. – @MichaelJordaan #HeavyChef #nokiaRSA 4
RT @Fred_Roed: Mnr @MichaelJordaan is sharing some extraordinary stories how the innovations at FNB came about. #heavychef #nokiarsa 4
RT @MichAtagana: Ideas are important but mean nothing unless implemented #HeavyChef #nokiarsa 4
RT @SPiVs: Sounds like FNB delivers more tablets than Dischem. #HeavyChef #NokiaRSA #FNB 4
RT @heavychef: Lots of excitement for tonight’s #HeavyChef event with @MichaelJordaan.If you’re joining us,please be aware that the talk wi… 4
RT @AntonRSA: Ideas are nothing if you cannot implement them #heavychef 3
RT @SaliEsmail: "Not taking risks is a riskier strategy than taking risks" @MichaelJordaan #heavychef 3
RT @Fred_Roed: So, turns out that @elonmusk was at nursery school with @MichaelJordaan. #heavychef #nokiaRSA #arbitaryfunfact 3
RT @Ceej_Robs: Innovation can only happen in an empowering culture #heavychef #nokiaRSA 3
RT @mikewronski: Implementing daylight savings time in SA would immediately reduce energy consumption by 4% @MichaelJordaan #heavychef #inn… 3
RT @ClassicMoose: ‘Surround yourself with great people and let them get on with it’ #HeavyChef 3
RT @ClassicMoose: ‘Take risks, make mistakes’ #heavychef 3
RT @MichAtagana: When FNB starts it own green grocer I am swapping banks #HeavyChef #nokiarsa 3
RT @mikewronski: Technology is moving so fast that the thing now holding it back is human behaviour – @MichaelJordaan #heavychef 3
RT @farhaadS: Harness the wisdom of the employees to generate better ideas. Collectively Awesome ! #heavychef #NokiaRSA 3
RT @CraygH: Big ideas are great but if you can’t implement them they mean nothing | #nokiaRSA #HeavyChef #whywedodigital 3
RT @chp365: "If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail" – @MichaelJordaan on innovation at #HeavyChef, cc #NokiaRSA. 3

Top Hashtags

Hashtag Mentions
#heavychef 503
#HeavyChef 223
#NokiaRSA 189
#nokiaRSA 100
#nokiarsa 96
#FNB 39
#MJ 30
#Heavychef 14
#Noki 9
#innovation 8
#HeavyChefs 6
#nokiasa 5
#arbitaryfunfact 4
#whywedodigital 4
#wisdomofeveryone 3
#inn 3
#MichaelJordaan 3
#whoknew 3
#Johannesburg 3
#RewardInnovation 2

Top Words

Word Mentions
heavychef 823
nokiarsa 410
michaeljordaan 320
innovation 155
fnb 112
ideas 83
tonight 70
risks 65
take 63
don 49
people 47
great 46
michael 43
nothing 42
jordaan 40
one 39
make 38
taking 37
implement 34
never 34

Top Domains Shared in Conversations


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August 12, 2013

SA Social Media Landscape 2014 – New Insights

The date draws closer to the 2014 SA Social Media Landscape release, as well as the Social Briefing event. Some preliminary insights were posted earlier on this blog, here are some more that have been uncovered:

Brand response time of top brands is lacklustre. A social media analysis of the top 25 SA brands discovered that their average response time to comments on Facebook stands at an uninspiring 645 minutes, while the Twitter response time of the same set of brands is 271 minutes.

Competitions, although seemingly outdated, are still highly effective. The top retweets and Facebook posts across 25 top SA brands have a large proportion of competitions and giveaways in exchange for tweets, likes and similar engagement.

39.2% of all the mentions of South Africa’s top brands on Twitter are retweets. This indicates that consumers are seeing the value in brand related posted content, either by the brand itself or by brand ambassadors and relevant influencers.

Consumers close the gap between offline and online mediums. As South Africans have become used to social media, it has become the go-to source to discuss topics being discussed in radio, TV and print, in real-time. South Africa’s most popular TV shows all become top trending topics in the country for the broadcast duration.

Facebook is the most effective social media channel for big brands. Of 57 SA brands surveyed, 52% said that Facebook is either completely effective (5/5), or highly effective (4/5), the highest percentage of any social network.

Brands are investing in content rich mobile apps. Of the 57 brands surveyed, 67% are planning on creating mobile apps in 2014.  A reasonable 47% of brands are also planning on creating rich multimedia content, such as videos or podcasts.

The report will feature some fantastic content and insights into the local social media landscape, including:

  1. Insight from SA’s top 10 agencies on social business
  2. Survey results from 60 SA brands on social media usage
  3. Analysis of SA’s top 25 brands, and their social media content
  4. Demographics and analysis of 8 of the major social networks in SA

To be one of the first to know when the report is published, please subscribe to the Fuseware Insights newsletter today.

Subscribe to the Fuseware Insights newsletter
April 9, 2013

The Prism Awards 2013 Social Media Report

The Prism Awards were a fantastic success on Sunday night, with dozens of the PR industry’s movers and shakers joining forces to celebrate the best the industry has to offer. Here’s what Twitter had to say about it:

1254 mentions were scanned from 469 people on Twitter for Prism Awards related tweets.

Because of the influencers present, a mammoth potential of 1,018,256 people were reached via these tweets, by aggregating all of the follower counts of all the tweeters. Taking into account follower overlap and followers that may not have seen the tweets, a realistic real world exposure of about 250,000 sets of eyeballs was generated from Twitter.

Demographically, it was 53% female with 65% of all tweets coming from the event itself. Almost all of the tweets made were on the event night.

The most mentioned Twitter handles at the event were:

Person Number of Mentions
theprismawards 267
OgilvyCT 106
atmospherecomms 87
cerebra 85
OgilvyPRJoburg 82
retroviral 75
mikesharman 72

The most active people tweeting at the event were as follows:

Person Posted Mentions
stoneconsult 83
theprismawards 64
Afroflame_Ent 47
nicolafeatonby 36
EIC_online 27
LucillePJacobs 24
OgilvyCT 24
Jodenecoza 24

The top retweets at the event:

Tweet Retweets
@EIC_online: For her performance in @SonsofAnarchy @Kateylous (Katey Sagal) is nominated for the #PRISMAwards! Congratulations! 21
@Solitoliquido: #prisms2013 Not sure how one wins a PR Award for 1Time Airline when the business failed; now no longer exists! How did PR contribute? 19
@VistaK: Atmosphere Communications is basically taking everything here, it’s shameless #prisms2013 13
@Peter_vdm: My final #prisms2013 tweet: deeply metaphorical that you failed to feed us. All flash. No substance. Thank heavens there was food at home. 11
@OgilvyJoburg: Brilliant! Congrats to @ogilvyprjoburg @KFCSA teams & @riaanmanser! Journey of Hope’s legacy lives on #PRISMS2013 11

The top shared bits of content on Twitter regarding the event:

Link Mentions 34… 12 8… 6… 5… 5 5

Some of the most influential people that tweeted at the event include:

Person Followers Relevant Mention
3167595079575c2041259ebbd2588c15_normal F1sasha 47663 RT @dussy77: Until this evening, I had never heard of the Prism Awards. How’s that for PR?
Trendsmap-logo-_dark___1__normal TrendsSthAfrica 46719 #prisms2013 is now trending in South Africa
81cdfce12625a0f0c0c74369e66592d3_normal Jodenecoza 28920 Looking forward to my first experience of @ThePrismAwards with @mikewronski tonights! #PRISMS2013
Tna_socialmedia_jul12_normal The_New_Age 27880 RT @LucillePJacobs: “@theprismawards: Beautiful music by Thelane Theatre Productions, featuring Tsotsi-Ke-Mpara (A Thief is a Fool) #PRISMS2013” @The_New_Age
Trendsmap-logo-_dark___1__normal TrendsJoBurg 22952 #prisms2013 is now trending in #Johannesburg
F4ea8b2f8cfab24dfd3e4ace360161ea_normal KimSchulze 18587 Aw yee – @retroviral just won GOLD for best PR & Social Media Agency! *dese nuts gesture* *dese nuts gesture* #PrismAwards @WINNING
219ab4ede6335d8dbf27043583c04086_normal BaileySchneider 16854 RT @theprismawards: Sens-ational! Is what best describes the line-up for #PRISMS2013, the most sought-after awards in the PR and communication industry
Img_1319_normal KevinMcCallum 16516 RT @Peter_vdm: My final #prisms2013 tweet: deeply metaphorical that you failed to feed us. All flash. No substance. Thank heavens there was food at home.
Lmb1af445d2d7c0a5c17e64d574e428663_1270051493100_6581crc_normal donnette 16379 RT @nicolafeatonby: The day has arrived for @theprismawards. Wishing the event organisers a stress free day! W/ @ohNatalieJayne @SebrenaSodalay #PRISMS2013
Be9affbf37d3ed010caf024d1e2f29a2_normal Bizcommunity 14470 16th Annual PRISM Awards – Less than two weeks to go! | @theprismawards #prisms2013 #bizpressoffice
5cd372bee212c2599f26439185b6bffe_normal DaveDuarte 12824 RT @OgilvyDBN: Take a look at the campaign that won @OgilvyJoburg a Gold for CSR and Campaign of the Year at the Prism Awards 2013:
99388809010cdd78b22e4b4910a0a867_normal bangersandnash 11443 RT @retroviral: Retroviral scoops double Gold at #PRISMS2013
October 24, 2012

My Presentation at Big Data World Africa 2012

I had the opportunity to speak at Big Data World Africa 2012 today. The presentation was fairly unique in the sense that I spoke of social media data mining, which is still very much in its infancy locally. I’m very grateful to have received such a positive response after my 30 minute presentation. The condensed version follows:

September 14, 2012

Catch me at the Big Data World Africa 2012 Conference

Its going to be a stellar line-up at this year’s Big Data World Africa conference on 24-25 October 2012. Some of the industry’s best minds will be speaking about how they handle and capitalize on big data within their organizations. I’m very excited to be able to share this line-up with the likes of Johannesburg Water, Mutual and Federal, SAP and Blue Label Telecoms.

I will be speaking about mining multiple angles of social media to extract community insights relevant to your brand, and use them to power strategic decision making. Its all about the data driven enterprise, and hopefully the conference can shed some light on misconceptions and opportunities in the space.

January 17, 2012

Major Sites Will Have a Blackout on 18 January – Get Ready

The American SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), is a flagrant abuse of power held by the American government and corporations. It would allow for the government to censor any and all information and domains it feels are in violation of online piracy – a term that can be used very loosely. According to the Wikipedia entry:

Depending on who makes the request, the court order could include barring online advertising networks and payment facilitators such as PayPal from doing business with the allegedly infringing website, barring search engines from linking to such sites, and requiring Internet service providers to block access to such sites.

Americans have not taken this bill sitting down. There have been nationwide (and worldwide) protests against the implementation of the bill, citing that Internet censorship will cripple the Internet and destroy the fantastic infrastructure of free flowing information we have created.

Several companies have promoted the bill, and have since experienced service boycotts and retaliation from their customer bases. Many large Internet websites that are against the bill are set to completely black out their websites on January 18th. If you log onto Wikipedia tomorrow to finish that assignment of yours, don’t expect there to be much more than a black page describing SOPA and what the Internet could potentially look like with it in force.

Here are some of the larger websites that are participating in the day-long blackout tomorrow, and as such will be unavailable for use:

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Reddit
  3. All Cheezburger sites (Fail Blog, ICanHaz, Memebase etc.)
  4. Boing boing
  5. Mojang
  6. Major League Gaming

How to voice your opposition against SOPA and black out your own website on January 18th

If you have a WordPress enabled blog, a plugin makes it very easy to black out your site in support of free speech on the Internet. Simply install the SOPA blackout plugin.

The Internet must remain freely accessible for everyone around the world. It is, bar-none, the greatest tool we have ever created for the distribution and categorization of mankind’s information. The powers that be, as always, want to control it, hoard it and censor it for their own ulterior motives.

One can hope that John Gilmore’s famous quote from Time magazine in 1993 will still hold true:

The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.

The following is a complete list of the sites known to be blackout out on January 18:

The entire Cheezburger Network

Hacktivist group, Anonymous

Red 5 Studios, developer of the Firefall MMO and Popular MMO, Minecraft

NLB Creations
 – my own site
Webmaster community Admin Forums

Web design company,

Gaming site Video Game Generation

Right Angle Recording

All sites in Major League Gaming’s network

Errata Security

XDA Developers

Gaming site,

Hey It’s Free!
 – confirmed via email
Harder Blogger Faster

Colossal Mind

Sonic Retro
Working It Out – confirmed via comments
Through the Eyes of a Pirate – confirmed via Pirate Party
Cynical Brit
Platform Nation
Digital Suicide – confirmed via comments
Kahn Labs
Joyblind – confirmed via email
A Much Better Way – confirmed via comments
[H]ard OCP Gaming Community – confirmed via comments
Boing Boing
 – confirmed via comments
The Weekly Gripe – confirmed via comments
Leslie Networks – “We will not be preforming a full black out but will be displaying a SOPA message on our site and possibly more.” – via comments and Twitter
WordPress for Business Websites – confirmed via comments
Simply Fixed – confirmed via comments
FriendStream – confirmed via comments
TacticalCraft – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
RaGEZONE – confirmed via comments
Raspberry Pi – confirmed via comments and site
GeNyaa – confirmed via comments
Rational Responders – confirmed via comments
Brian Sapient – confirmed via comments
Celebrity Atheists – confirmed via comments
Purpose of Christmas – confirmed via comments
Atheism United – confirmed via comments
Emerald Angel Comics – confirmed via comments
Fairy Tail Episode – confirmed via comments
Vanilla Forums – confirmed via comments
Icrontic – confirmed via comments
New Buddhist – confirmed via comments
This is Xbox
CnC Fansite – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
egoArchive – confirmed via comments
Olivero Broadcasting Group – confirmed via comments
BHR Hosting – confirmed via comments
Red Dawn Movie News
Splitkick – via Twitter
Kona’s Korner
Radioactive Nerd – via Twitter
Talking About Games
Cheapitarianism – confirmed via comments
Shaking the Tree – confirmed via comments
Hypocrites In Politics – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Quandu – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
The Damned – confirmed via comments
Ian’s Brain – confirmed via comments
BitBid – confirmed via comments
Open Of Course – confirmed via comments
Tech Humanity – confirmed via comments
The Freelancer Today
Nerd Reactor
Stumble Down Under
Sfera Hosting – confirmed via comments
Tekeremata – confirmed via comments
Partido Pirata – confirmed via comments
Jovenes Piratas – confirmed via comments
Pirata Salocin – confirmed via comments
Amanecer Sombrio – confirmed via comments
Kobra Photography – confirmed via comments
Wikipedia – confirmed via Twitter
Super Seed Box – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
RootzWiki – confirmed via comments
Regretsy – confirmed via Facebook – confirmed via comments
What Time In – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Eclipse Guild – confirmed via comments
Mobile Express DJs – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Ani.Me – confirmed via comments (and also her Wizzley and Suite 101 profiles) – confirmed via comments
The House that a Girl Called Johnny Built – confirmed via comments
Jo’s Library – confirmed via comments
Merch Gwyar’s Blog – confirmed via comments
Council of Elrond  – confirmed via comments
Political Buddies
John Shaw Computers – confirmed via comments
John Show for Florida State Senate – confirmed via comments
The Economic Populist – confirmed via comments
That’s Wut She Said – confirmed via comments
Bollywood Chat – confirmed via comments
Double Cross Reviews – confirmed via comments
Blamonet – confirmed via comments
Anonymous Iberoamerica – confirmed via comments
The Grindery – confirmed via comments
ROCKET-IT and subdomains – confirmed via comments
AfterLifeLochie – confirmed via comments – confirmed via email
TechnoBuffalo – confirmed via comments
Brony Farm – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments

Additional sites via Reddit (thanks Cori!):

GOOD Evening
Rage Maker



Doxie Lovers Club

 – They won’t be going completely black, but will be posting censored versions of their site.
Age of Coins – A Minecraft server and forum
A Softer World
This Is Why Im Broke

Cake Wrecks
 (via Twitter: Cake Wrecks will be joining @reddit in going dark on 1/18 to protest #SOPA. Have a blog? Then join us!
Dance Top 40

Code Labs
The Ikids Blog
MMO Melting Pot
Inficron Technologies
Geek Culture and the Joy of Tech comic
Quiet Speculation
Trigger Pit
Random Software

January 14, 2012

8 Mindblowing Technologies from CES 2012

The future is here. Ladies and gentleman, take a look at what the world’s best tech companies are coming up with to make our lives even more exciting, streamlined and connected!

Samsung’s Smart Window

Check your Twitter, browse the web, view the weather and even close your virtual blinds on Samsung’s knockout “Smart Window”.

WaterBlock coating

A thin film coating applied to a phone or other device’s electronics allows it to be completely submerged in water without breaking.

Google TV

Google seems to be entering every tech space imaginable these days. With Google TV, your TV turns into an interactive media centre – the next evolution of Youtube brought to your home screen.

Gorilla Glass

Super thin, super strong glass for your smart phones and other screen-equipped devices. This finally life-proofs our mobile gadgets that we tend to drop all over the place.

Sony Crystal LED Display Tech

Sony’s latest TV has a screen made entirely from tiny LEDs. This allows for a very smooth picture with a much higher number of different colours, lighting and contrast.

Toshiba 4K Display

Extremely high resolution TV that claims to emulate 3D without needing glasses. 4K is extremely high definition technology that will make any video appear almost life-like.

Makerbot 3D Printing

A modestly priced device that is capable of creating and colouring 3D objects. Designed for the consumer market, anybody can download 3D models and print them into real life objects. Imagine being able to custom design and create your own chess set, from the comfort of your couch.

Intel Ultrabooks with Microsoft Kinect

Intel’s new line of notebooks are super thin, super stylish and super powerful. They also have Kinect technology integrated into them, allowing us to use hand gestures to interact with the device.