November 4, 2014
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The World Needs to Change

Our elected officials are heavily engaged in political showmanship, with very little real national progress to show for their efforts. It seems that our leaders continually dodge the pertinent questions, fail to communicate effectively with the very people that voted them into power and aren’t all that interested in progressing the nation forward.

The sheer amount of financial waste that is endemic across not only our government, but governmental bodies around the world, simply boggles the mind. Humanity’s raw output and progression has been incredible, but I believe we are only reaching a tiny fraction of our true potential as a species. There are real concerns that world leaders aren’t addressing effectively, such as climate change, the stale state of education and insufficient progress in public healthcare, to name a few. It is understandable though, as this is a by-product of the very political system we have all agreed to – leaders need to do everything in their power to win the short term votes, while disregarding any issues that have high-risk solutions or that will take several election runs to address and correct.

The culture of systemic corruption that serves to benefit the connected few is also a by-product of the very capitalist system by which we all abide. Real solutions are scarce, and I believe cannot be solved by a single person (not even by a remarkable president). It should be a priority of every person to make an effort to improve not only the welfare of themselves and their families, but also their communities and nations. We are all connected in this globalized economy, and the more people that are positively impacted by the actions you take, the more the network effects spread throughout the system benefiting everyone. Thus, a concerted effort is required.

While there’s no magic solution because society is fragmented and diverse with opinions and culture, we can at least agree to the fact that we are all human beings sharing in this experience together, regardless of individual views. We all have the capacity to love, to hate, to create and destroy, to forgive, to inspire and be inspired. We need to rally around the positive values that are inherent within as all, the values that we sometimes see perfectly espoused in exceptional figures such as the late Nelson Mandela. Let those positive core human values be your guide, as those are what make us truly remarkable, and, when aligned with a motivated individual, have the greatest capacity for global upliftment.

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