August 22, 2013

Heavy Chef with Michael Jordaan – Twitter Insights

Last night I had the privilege of hearing Michael Jordaan speak for the first time – and what a speaker he is. He spoke about business innovation using metaphor and stories which everybody could relate to, and everybody walked away inspired afterwards. Fuseware monitored Twitter mentions of the event, and found 798 mentions from 207 different people. Here are some of the stats, if you’re interested:

Most Influential People

Person Followers Description Relevant Mention
Trendsmap-logo-_dark___1__normal TrendsSthAfrica 56,102 Real-time South Africa Twitter trends #heavychef is now trending in South Africa
E02ffc09892f89f5801c2fe6def838d5_normal MichaelJordaan 32,679 Banker, economist and wine enthusiast That’s me “@RichMulholland: I took a quick snap at tonight’s #HeavyChef
Trendsmap-logo-_dark___1__normal TrendsJoBurg 25,704 Real-time Johannesburg Twitter trends #heavychef is now trending in #Johannesburg
Tweet-avatar_normal AntonRSA 10,425 Your local digital marketing guy into lead generation, online credibility, and customer communication. Likes blogging, golf, photography, and music. At the #heavychef event
E61de9bd1bf23bcb7b147cfe16575ee8_normal mikestopforth 8,924 The law of averages says I have about 14 000 days left on this planet. I’m bent on making the most of all of them. Proudly South African. CEO at @cerebra. kudos to the @mikesharman mini-bomb… PRT @mylifescape: A picture of me and Michael Jordaan CEO of FNB #heavychef
E5c8116885af9050570dff4c061b99bf_normal SiliconCape 8,902 Silicon Cape Initiative : supporting innovative Cape Town technology startups. RT @MichAtagana: No one smarter than everyone. @MichaelJordaan #HeavyChef
Walter_pike_02_-_version_2_normal walterpike 6,910 Marketing in the social era, Founder of PiKE & The Digital Academy, TEDx Organiser #slutwalkjhb organiser, Pro Speaker, Opionisista, Photog & Polo player. Rushing to #HeavyChef at a rate of knots hope traffic plays the game.
196be672e3ee3170422dc7ede2c470ff_normal DeloitteSA 6,560 Follow Deloitte South Africa here. RT @AvSchalkwykZA: Great crowd for the #heavychef session hosted at Deloitte’s offices in JHB.
47894f45f8c088338796ab12beaba11a_normal RichMulholland 5,981 An Inked-ellectual Gentleman I took a quick snap at tonight’s #HeavyChef / #nokiaRSA
Bc79bff5be2a92008e35a20afd5e5f00_normal pauljacobson 4,850 Web.Tech.Lawyer, photographer and thinker of deep thoughts. I run @JAttorneys and @WebTechLaw. Allergic to stupid. The legal stuff: RT @AvSchalkwykZA: Great crowd for the #heavychef session hosted at Deloitte’s offices in JHB.
26d9341a642df8cf2226f1d4113e4ba0_normal mylifescape 4,002 Head of Digital+Strat | Global Mouse. Founder of #DigitalCrunch. Budding Artist. Speaker. Motivating people towards greatness. Creating opportunities. Looking forward to #HeavyChef – Michael Jordaan on How Digital Innovation is Transforming the Banking Sector @heavychef
4f9f14d6d51f43c17e745f5d8d0d6b79_normal ianollis 3,484 South African Member of Parliament, innovative leader, Liberal Democrat and Shadow Transport Minister. Daily Maverick Opinionista @mikewronski @MichaelJordaan #heavychef Yes. We don’t like change. Especially when it’s got teething problems!
E552c403a2fccf0a8cb0a63af57f9f39_normal GerardZA 2,871 Cruising the digital frontier *audere est facere* \(⊙▂⊙)/ RT @SPiVs: Sounds like FNB delivers more tablets than Dischem. #HeavyChef #NokiaRSA #FNB
Bcb85066a84fef0b55c7bd2dcdd1280a_normal followme_Africa 2,816 I verified my own account twitter took too long!! #teamfollowback RT @Tweetpohtato: ideas are welcomed … but never create an expectation and then crush someone’s dream. #heavychef #nokiaRSA
Fred_normal Fred_Roed 2,799 CEO of World Wide Creative. Co-founder of the Heavy Chef project. A marketing, evangelising, brand building, feeling-lucky-punk kind of guy. All calm before tonight’s #heavychef session @DeloitteSA Woodmead.
Ea7b83e78926f54efb42afddf3693f7f_normal mikewronski 2,762 MD @Fuseware, product dev @Primedia. Technologist, data analyst, consultant, speaker, wannabe guitar player. Want to self-actualize society, 1 step at a time Largest audience ever at tonight’s #heavychef session. @MichaelJordaan speaking about innovation
Image_normal CathrynR 2,760 Product Manager at RT @Ceej_Robs: Innovation can only happen in an empowering culture #heavychef #nokiaRSA
Ca75b4e1bfa8f861e306c87e2037fa02_normal shawnjooste 2,638 My hair defies gravity, heavy right foot, have camera in hand, writes about cars … sometimes That explains it. RT @Fred_Roed: So, turns out that @elonmusk was at nursery school with @MichaelJordaan. #heavychef #nokiaRSA

Top Retweets

Tweet Retweets
RT @TheLukism: Innovation heros are the guys who navigate corporate beuracracy to take ideas to reality – @MichaelJordaan #HeavyChef #Noki… 9
RT @Fred_Roed: The crowd tonight @heavychef / #NokiaRSA 8
RT @JonHoehler: Have FUN, COFFEE & ALCOHOL, we don’t need to take ourselves seriously. True story from @michaeljordaan at #heavychef http:/… 6
RT @AvSchalkwykZA: Great crowd for the #heavychef session hosted at Deloitte’s offices in JHB. 5
RT @malizab: #HeavyChef We respect our competitors. What keeps us up at night are not our competitiors but technology. @MichaelJordaan 5
RT @Tweetpohtato: The Innovator’s dilemma: ideas are worthless, unless you can *implement* them #heavychef #nokiaRSA 5
RT @RichMulholland: I took a quick snap at tonight’s #HeavyChef / #nokiaRSA 5
RT @Tweetpohtato: ideas are welcomed … but never create an expectation and then crush someone’s dream. #heavychef #nokiaRSA 5
RT @TheTijn: Ernest Shackleton, set an impossible challenge. People flocked to follow. – @MichaelJordaan #HeavyChef #nokiaRSA 4
RT @Fred_Roed: Mnr @MichaelJordaan is sharing some extraordinary stories how the innovations at FNB came about. #heavychef #nokiarsa 4
RT @MichAtagana: Ideas are important but mean nothing unless implemented #HeavyChef #nokiarsa 4
RT @SPiVs: Sounds like FNB delivers more tablets than Dischem. #HeavyChef #NokiaRSA #FNB 4
RT @heavychef: Lots of excitement for tonight’s #HeavyChef event with @MichaelJordaan.If you’re joining us,please be aware that the talk wi… 4
RT @AntonRSA: Ideas are nothing if you cannot implement them #heavychef 3
RT @SaliEsmail: "Not taking risks is a riskier strategy than taking risks" @MichaelJordaan #heavychef 3
RT @Fred_Roed: So, turns out that @elonmusk was at nursery school with @MichaelJordaan. #heavychef #nokiaRSA #arbitaryfunfact 3
RT @Ceej_Robs: Innovation can only happen in an empowering culture #heavychef #nokiaRSA 3
RT @mikewronski: Implementing daylight savings time in SA would immediately reduce energy consumption by 4% @MichaelJordaan #heavychef #inn… 3
RT @ClassicMoose: ‘Surround yourself with great people and let them get on with it’ #HeavyChef 3
RT @ClassicMoose: ‘Take risks, make mistakes’ #heavychef 3
RT @MichAtagana: When FNB starts it own green grocer I am swapping banks #HeavyChef #nokiarsa 3
RT @mikewronski: Technology is moving so fast that the thing now holding it back is human behaviour – @MichaelJordaan #heavychef 3
RT @farhaadS: Harness the wisdom of the employees to generate better ideas. Collectively Awesome ! #heavychef #NokiaRSA 3
RT @CraygH: Big ideas are great but if you can’t implement them they mean nothing | #nokiaRSA #HeavyChef #whywedodigital 3
RT @chp365: "If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail" – @MichaelJordaan on innovation at #HeavyChef, cc #NokiaRSA. 3

Top Hashtags

Hashtag Mentions
#heavychef 503
#HeavyChef 223
#NokiaRSA 189
#nokiaRSA 100
#nokiarsa 96
#FNB 39
#MJ 30
#Heavychef 14
#Noki 9
#innovation 8
#HeavyChefs 6
#nokiasa 5
#arbitaryfunfact 4
#whywedodigital 4
#wisdomofeveryone 3
#inn 3
#MichaelJordaan 3
#whoknew 3
#Johannesburg 3
#RewardInnovation 2

Top Words

Word Mentions
heavychef 823
nokiarsa 410
michaeljordaan 320
innovation 155
fnb 112
ideas 83
tonight 70
risks 65
take 63
don 49
people 47
great 46
michael 43
nothing 42
jordaan 40
one 39
make 38
taking 37
implement 34
never 34

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