August 12, 2013

SA Social Media Landscape 2014 – New Insights

The date draws closer to the 2014 SA Social Media Landscape release, as well as the Social Briefing event. Some preliminary insights were posted earlier on this blog, here are some more that have been uncovered:

Brand response time of top brands is lacklustre. A social media analysis of the top 25 SA brands discovered that their average response time to comments on Facebook stands at an uninspiring 645 minutes, while the Twitter response time of the same set of brands is 271 minutes.

Competitions, although seemingly outdated, are still highly effective. The top retweets and Facebook posts across 25 top SA brands have a large proportion of competitions and giveaways in exchange for tweets, likes and similar engagement.

39.2% of all the mentions of South Africa’s top brands on Twitter are retweets. This indicates that consumers are seeing the value in brand related posted content, either by the brand itself or by brand ambassadors and relevant influencers.

Consumers close the gap between offline and online mediums. As South Africans have become used to social media, it has become the go-to source to discuss topics being discussed in radio, TV and print, in real-time. South Africa’s most popular TV shows all become top trending topics in the country for the broadcast duration.

Facebook is the most effective social media channel for big brands. Of 57 SA brands surveyed, 52% said that Facebook is either completely effective (5/5), or highly effective (4/5), the highest percentage of any social network.

Brands are investing in content rich mobile apps. Of the 57 brands surveyed, 67% are planning on creating mobile apps in 2014.  A reasonable 47% of brands are also planning on creating rich multimedia content, such as videos or podcasts.

The report will feature some fantastic content and insights into the local social media landscape, including:

  1. Insight from SA’s top 10 agencies on social business
  2. Survey results from 60 SA brands on social media usage
  3. Analysis of SA’s top 25 brands, and their social media content
  4. Demographics and analysis of 8 of the major social networks in SA

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  1. Jeffrey Denning August 12, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    Some really fascinating stats here, awesome post!
    Out of interest, how many brands where included?

  2. David August 13, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Hi there Mike,

    Thanks for this. Could you contact me with regards to purchasing the report when it comes out? Is there an “Early Bird Fee” for the report?


  3. Mike August 13, 2013 at 9:19 am

    Hi David

    There is no early bird fee this year, but please subscribe to the newsletter to purchase the report as soon as it comes out –


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