October 4, 2012

Facebook Hits One Billion Users

Facebook just officially reached one billion active users, Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced. If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s third largest behind China (1.3b) and India (1.2b). His official blog post follows:

This morning, there are more than one billion people using Facebook actively each month.

If you’re reading this: thank you for giving me and my little team the honor of serving you.

Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling and by far the thing I am most proud of in my life.

I am committed to working every day to make Facebook better for you, and hopefully together one day we will be able to connect the rest of the world too.

Despite this positive indication that the network is consistently growing, its stock price suggests a different story with the stock down by 2% today.

As Facebook matures and solidifies its business models and cash generating products, it will uncover its long term viability and attractiveness to investors. In the meantime, Facebook suffers the problems of declining user engagement, increased fake accounts and lack of monetization of its mobile offerings. Zuckerberg has good reason to celebrate, but the cork should stay in the bottle until these glaring fundamental issues are addressed.

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