September 3, 2010

A Couple of Magic “Pills” That Have Really Worked For Me This Year

I’m not a fan of medication, I will say that upfront. I do embrace homeopathic remedies, but even these should be taken in moderation. However, a business owner’s lifestyle combined with the nutrient-depleted foods we are presented with at the supermarkets make it fairly challenging to always bring the “A-game”, day after day.

I have found that a few things have really had a significant impact on my overall energy, mood and motivation this year. The obvious factors are beginning to exercise 3 times per week, eating healthier in general and cutting down on working hours. However, I have found a couple of magic pills and remedies to really work when I am in unusually stressful periods. So fellow entrepreneurs, here is my brief list of magic remedies:

  • Maca / Cacao combination. Available from Soaring Free Superfoods, its a wonderful natural combination that works within days of the first dose. Its great for vitality, energy and mood support.
  • Ginseng. Available from any pharmacy. Make sure you get the Panax variety, as this has the most benefits for your body and is the ‘original’ ginseng. Every now and then I find that taking double the recommended dose for a day or two gives me a great pick me up with no side effects.
  • 5-HTP / L-Tyrosine. Available from any pharmacy. These work hand in hand to aid your neuro-receptors, especially the ones operating on your mood and emotions (such as serotonin). I don’t take these regularly, but find that when I’m feeling down or stressed they help quite a lot. I’m not sure if its the Placebo affect or not, but there are other sources on the net that say these pills work well.
  • Goji berries. Also available from Soaring Free. I would say this is more of a long term product, and a small handful should be consumed daily for optimium function.

I made a similar post a while back when I was working 12 hours a day, which has more general advice on how to combat high-workload situations.

N.B. I am not a health professional, and am only presenting this based on my own subjective experiences. Please consult a doctor if you plan on taking any combination of the above products!

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  1. Real Doctor September 3, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    “I will say that upfront. I do embrace homeopathic remedies”

    epic failage.

  2. Seriously? September 3, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    ” I do embrace homeopathic remedies, but even these should be taken in moderation”

    Because Water Toxicity can be fatal?

  3. Mike September 4, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    No, because nobody should become dependant (even if only psychologically) on any substance, whether synthetic or natural.

    Homeopathy may not have much scientific backing, but the empirical evidence of it being successful for certain treatments is quite conclusive.

    Anyway, I don’t care much for fighting on the Internet, and this post details my personal experiences with what really worked for me. Hopefully someone will at least try what I’ve tried, since it will probably have better success for them than being duped by some late night TV commercial.

    And always, just do your research! The internet makes it so easy to look something up.

  4. Seriously? September 9, 2010 at 1:18 am

    I think the ship has already sailed on our dependence on water.

    The scientific consensus that homeopathy has no effect beyond that of a placebo. That is to say that it has no medical effect in and of itself.

    It’s all well and good to say it’s just you personal experience and it’s better than being “duped by some late night TV commercial” but is being duped by you really any better?

  5. Mike September 9, 2010 at 11:56 am

    If you think you are right, you are right.
    If you think you are wrong, you are wrong.

    The only experience we can ever talk about is our subjective one. This is my reality, in which you guys are my guests :)

  6. Thomas February 29, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    Micheal E ->I see you have not answered my qoitseun about what your so called e2€œhigher standardse2€9d are. You criticise existing and proven techniques such as double blind experiments but provide no reasonable substitute.Michael, this is for scientists and researchers to do. My modest suggestions are but a cry for them to do it, instead of relying on what I believe are inadequate and inappropriate testing compounded by over reliance on the resultants of those tests.Michael E (quoting ScepticsBane) ->e2€œDr. Roy suggests, a study of the structural properties of water as to possible (of course speculative) temporally stable molecular rearrangementse2€9dMichael E. comment on the quote ->speculative = without evidence? Might as well suggest it was all done by aliens.No ! speculative = insufficient evidence! And to condemn those doing the research means end of career for those who dare an additional unnecessary burden. Exactly the same unnecessary scepticism which was heaped on Barry Marshall and no doubt contributed to his decision to prove his theory the hard way! Unreasoning scepticism can be scepticemic to new ideas, a poisoning of a free and open research atmosphere by ossified dogma and refusal to remove the blinders. Research scientists are not aliens !!Michael E continues -> ALthough you argue that homeopathy has not had 200 years to determine a mechanism because in your view the equipment to work out such a mechanism was not available, these 200 years could have been used to gather data and develop scientific methods meeting your e2€œhigher standardse2€9d .But they did! To defeat Homeopathy you must read the literature and their books and accept their accomplishements before attempting theoretical denunciations or refutations. It is essential. During those 200 years, a great schism and debate started between the low and high dilutionists, and an, in my opinion, popular but failed trend towards prescribing homeopathic remedies in an allopathic manner, by disease instead of individuated by patient, which persists to this day and continues to give homeopathy a bad name. Their occasional successes are more by accident than in accordance with the key Hahnemanian principles and reflects inability to accept the radicalism which those theories entail.I myself am sceptical of them but know enough that they must be followed if one is to practice real homeopathy. Dorothy Shepherd, was equally sceptical but put that aside, experimented and documented an amazing series of cures and improvements over a 4 decade period to the early 1950 s. See her books, she was a conventionally trained MD.Last but not least, the homeopaths evolved their own double blinded testing method which, in my opinion, has too many subjective elements involved in it, but the coincidence across observers and across centuries in provers’ reports of their experience trying different infinitesimal doses of various substances, is intriguing and deserves attention from both physiologists and psychologists. It is those homeopaths who have come closest to the mind-body divide, an area at the edge of our maps of human medicine marked by some as there be monsters here . It is research by genuine scientists, not wild condemnations nor narrow minded allegiance to the wrong tests which will point the way.

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