April 5, 2010

Using Twitter Search for Competitive Intelligence? Use Google To Improve It.

Twitter Search is pretty neat, and by now its almost mandatory that a company keeps a track of mentions of itself, its competitors and its key stakeholders online. Its really easy to do this these days thanks to the likes of Google Alerts and Twitter RSS feeds, as well as the more powerful tools such as Radian 6.

What bugs me about Twitter search is that it is very much geared towards real time results, which can make it painstakingly difficult to get a result from two weeks back that may have been important. Additionally, you just can’t sort results according to impact and SEO potential for your brand the way you can in Google.

So, whenever I personally do any kind of research on Twitter, I try get Google to help me out a bit. An example is if I’m looking for information about MTN, a cellular provider here in South Africa. I can go to http://search.twitter.com and type in “mtn” and see the real time results for it. I can even subscribe to the feed for the result for real time updates. But how do I sort this by impact easily and without forking out an arm and a leg for a professional solution?

An easy way of doing this is to go to Google, and search for the phrase:

“mtn” site:twitter.com inurl:status

What this does is extract Twitter status updates for MTN, and sort them according to Google’s secret SEO algorithms. Here you can then find how much “impact” tweets may have, and engage those users according to this order. You can still have real time results, like Twitter, by clicking on “show options” and selecting “Latest” results.

Of course, this is just the tip of an entire iceberg of information that can be mined about MTN, but its a great starting point. At some point, however, it would be wise to consult with the professionals in this arena (shameless plug) and see what kind of value they can bring to your brand.

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