March 16, 2010

Possibly the Most Important Post You Will Read About Health, Wealth and Happiness

There are so many deviants, criminals and scam artists on the web that are constantly trying to steal money straight from our pockets. These scumbags of society typically target what we desire the most and use our desires against us – these typically being our usual “problem areas” of health, wealth and happiness.

Well, I am saddened and a bit tired of seeing people falling for the same tricks and rubbish over and over again, so I have compiled a list of websites and blogs which I believe serve real value in these three categories without asking much  in exchange.

I will be adding the sites as everyone adds suggestions in the comments, so we can make this a definitive list for people that are sick and tired of scams. There are no sales links or affiliate links in this list, just pure goodness.

These are, in no particular order:


  1. Epic Self self improvement and motivation.
  2. Positivity Blog positive thinking.
  3. Cheerup Nation for boosting you in low moments.
  4. Zen Habits – great productivity tips.
  5. The Life Thingthe life and advice of a travelling entrepreneur.
  6. Wake Up Tigershort and sweet inspirational posts.
  7. Upgrade Realityself improvement.
  8. Plugin ID about being happy and finding your identity.
  9. Life Hackergetting more done in less time.
  10. Steve Pavlina personal development advice.


  1. Quicksprout one of my favorite online entrepreneurs.
  2. Smart Passive Income a blog that keeps it real, no strings attached.
  3. Viperchill a new-ish blog about the ins and outs of  internet marketing.
  4. Venture Hacks great advice for people starting their own business.
  5. Zac Johnson one of the world’s richest affiliates shares his tips.
  6. Jonathan Volk also a great affiliate marketer to follow.
  7. Millionaire Money Habitsfilled with great financial advice.
  8. Problogger make money online blogging.
  9. Copyblogger how to improve your copywriting for online success.


  1. Green livingoverall health and nutrition.
  2. Get Better Healthreally interesting facts and advice.
  3. The Labrawtory Raw food lifestyle and recipes.
  4. Mark’s daily apple Healthy eating.
  5. Raw Epicurean foods great posts about eating raw foods.

What are some of your sites about health, wealth and happiness which I can add to this list?

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