March 9, 2010

My Top 10 Sources of Traffic and Quick SEO Tip

I would like to publish my top 10 sources of traffic for the last 30 days, simply to show you where my most visitors are coming from, and how they perhaps contrast to yours. Click on the picture to see it full size.

Top site visits

What I learnt from this

  1. For all those that have said that SEO is dead, its far from it. Organic google searches are a great source of traffic for me, with over 1000 hits in the past month alone. I still get people to my site after searching for “define ayoba“. Also, my most loyal readers are from Google, with the lowest bounce rate and the highest time on site. Thats quality.
  2. My top source of traffic is from a site highly targeted to my audience РYCominator, even though many just come, read the content and leave. You need to be able to sniff for and target networks that are as congruent as possible with the message you are delivering through your blog, no matter how small they may be.
  3. Once the ball gets rolling, you don’t need to do shameless self promotion anymore. The traffic just comes, and you get more time to focus on great posts. IdeaxIdea sent me almost 1000 visits, and I bet you have never heard of them in your life (I certainly haven’t). Their website isn’t even in English!
  4. You will always get traffic from social media, but it definitely isn’t as efficient as if you were targeting specific niche networks. I typically use the “share and forget” approach to the generic social media networks for this blog, since most are not all that interested in the workings of a startup business. If your blog has content that 90% of the world would love, such as lolcats, then these networks are a valuemine for you.

My SEO Tip of the Day

My SEO tip of the day is that you should be able to scout the horizon for upcoming searches. Searches that nobody has done before and that have no competition in search engine results, but that will become popular very soon.

I did this with my post on the Ayoba campaign from MTN. The word “Ayoba” practically didn’t exist a few months back, and now people are searching for it in droves. I saw that it would be great to get into the search engines early with this keyword (before anyone else), and quickly made a post about it.

I have a similar idea coming up to do with the soccer world cup, but its not related to this blog ;) I will keep you posted!

What do you guys think? Do you have any other quick SEO tips to share with the community? Please post below!

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