February 10, 2010

Whats the Buzz about Google Buzz?

Google Buzz is the new social media offering by Google, designed to finally get Google into the social media space. It previously launched Orkut, but saw its popularity surpassed by MySpace, Facebook and, most recently, Twitter.

What is this new service about, and why should we care when we already inundated with social media network choices and spam? The key point of Buzz is that its integrated right into your Gmail account. This is very important, since e-mail has been used since the dawn of the net to communicate with people, but its concept has been very different to social media.

Google Buzz attempts to bridge this gap by allowing you to selectively share videos, photos and notes with other contacts that are already in your e-mail list. I don’t know about you, but this makes life much easier for me since I don’t have to search for my contacts once I join this new network, and it will greatly reduce the signal-to-noise ratio with social media spam.

Google is also planning on releasing a 3rd party API, where developers can code plugins for the site – much like the applications available for Facebook.

I just hope that Google won’t try to monetize this by putting in social network ads that compliment their Adwords model. And if they do, they better make it a model where people decide which products they like by sharing personal reviews and recommendations with friends, similar to Yelp. Thats social media.

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