February 8, 2010

First day of Running My Business: A Summary

What a crazy day it was! My mind is still stuck in 9-5 mode since I only left work last Friday, but I am slowly adjusting to the massive life change I have made. Its been exhilarating and exciting, but not entirely unpredictable. I planned everything far in advance, so was fully prepared for what I would do in the upcoming days and weeks. But in the end of all that planning, I followed my own advice and just jumped into the deep end and started my business.

Its quite the thought knowing that I have started a full time business – not a monetized blog or a stay-at-home-job business – I’ve registered a private company and have full plans to take the business much further through expansion and automation. The name is Fuseware, and it essentially empowers companies to drive and monitor their online interactions with customers. There will be more on this later when I have my website set up.

My focus right now is obviously on expanding my client base and connecting with industry thought leaders. I will be attending the IABC conference on social media this Wednesday and would like to meet you. Yes, you! So make sure you register for it (its free) and we can share some thoughts.

On the other hand, if you can’t be there just share your thoughts below…

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