October 29, 2009

Four Awesome Reasons to Subscribe to Startup CEO Right Now!

From the very beginning of this blog, my goal was to help people better understand the risks and concepts needed to start their own businesses. Although I have a respectable following already, I’ll be honest with you: I want to build this into the largest social network and community about business startups. Its a mouthful and a handful, but I am willing to do it and I know there enough people in the world that would benefit from this.

I am revealing some great things to expect from The Startup CEO, some of which include:

  • Interviews with successful¬†CEOs of private and public companies in South Africa.
  • I will reveal the details around my own business concept, and explain why I started this blog.
  • There is a startup e-book I am working on about how to start your business easily and profitably, featuring exclusive content that won’t be on this site. Also, ¬†50 free copies will be hand delivered to my frequent posters.
  • I will establish a business startup forum on this site, with networking opportunities, business ideas, hints and tips and more!

So guys, in order to get this community that I want to build on its feet, I need your help and support. Please subscribe via email or RSS if you haven’t yet, by clicking on the links in the top right corner. Remember – if you don’t subscribe, you will be kept out of the loop!

Many thanks and kind regards


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